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The Choice

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The choice: should I get out of bed or should I sleep in for a few more minutes; should I wear the red top or the black one; should I call or send an email? It is often bewildering to think about how many choices we are confronted with daily. From what to say to what to eat; from who to hang out with to who to marry; from how to spend money to how to make it--many desire the best option, but far too frequently wind up experiencing emptiness and endless misery. This is because behind every choice we make stands the ultimate choice. "God sets before man life and death. He can have his choice. Many desire life, but still continue to walk in the broad road" (Story of Redemption, pg. 391). From the genesis of humankind, everything hinged on the freedom and power embraced in a choice.

Consequently, His love for you has moved God to place good and evil before you; you have to decide between these two options because your eternal destiny depends upon THE CHOICE you make.

THE CHOICE is a collection of inspirational thoughts and experiences written by Fountainview Academy's Grade 11 English class (Graduating Class of 2013). As you read daily from these pages, may you more fully value THE CHOICE our Saviour extends to you.


Produced in 2012